Chaska High School
Screenshot of Chaska High School students in blackface.

White Students at Chaska High School Face No Consequences for Blackface: Lawsuit

The Eastern Carver County Schools district, and Chaska High School in particular, can’t seem to get it right. There have been multiple accounts of white students in blackface in the yearbook, at football games and on social media, as well as white students threatening the lives of anyone who attended an assembly on race relations.

In September 2018 at a Chaska High School football game, white students attending a football game in blackface and even wearing an afro. Also in December, a middle school student in the same district in Minnesota found that his gym shirt had been stolen and vandalized with the n-word.

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In February 2019, two white students in the district put on charcoal face masks and put the photos on social media with the hashtag #blackface. Also, in February 2019, another student posted on Snapchat holding a gun and threatening to shoot a specific list of students if they dared to attend a Chaska High School assembly on race relations.

Most recently, in May, white students at Chaska High School appeared in photos in the school yearbook wearing blackface again.

Because teachers and school officials have refused to take action, six current and former students fromEastern Carver County Schools filed a lawsuit against the school district claiming school officials demonstrated “deliberate indifference” and failed to take “any meaningful action” against blatant racism, according to The Daily Beast.

The lawsuit says that school staff don’t have proper training on how to respond to racism on top of not refusing to punish racist behavior. White students did not have to face consequences for wearing blackface or threatening Black students and students of color were banned from posting “Black Lives Matter” signs or anything featuring Black leaders–during Black History Month.

In the Carver County Schools district, only 3% of students are Black.

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  1. It would be great if they put that on their face and can’t get it of I would just love that to bad it washes of.

  2. Charles Randolph

    The ignorance of the white American & the endemic hypocrisy of that culture (I.e., “Ozzie & Harriet, Leave it to Beaver” ) has already spawned an ever increasing cadre of homegrown terrorist Who are so confused and conflicted by the conundrum of the reality between what they’ve taught in their homes, suburban villages and sheltered enclaves vs. the reality of living in a VISIBLY diverse, amalgamated society, that they have to turn to murder, mayhem and mass violence to rationalize the lies that they have been living.
    People of color in our society have long since
    observed, whispered and chronicled the “madness, confusion and downright lying” that forms the bases of their society and have consciously chosen to be segregated from the “poison virus that permeates white America” in favor of learning and clinging a set of mores and values at the core of their
    Sub-cultures that foster love, hardwork and
    As a society, common sensed people of color
    do not pursue, nor teach our children that same values of the American white society and as such we do not and will not engage in “white face” or any other infantile expressions of derision—cause “you folks” are just not that important to us as we go about the day to day tasks involved in daily living, loving our families and taking care of each other.
    Just think about it—-black communities allow any decent person, regardless of color, to live amongst them; white folks cant because they have been taught to fear any person of color.
    As for diversity, if the American white society was not so fearful and jealous of the gains that people of color have achieved , in spite of the unceasing discrimination and “murder under color of state law”—then America would be “great again”. But as for right now their society, as they once believed it to be, is on its way to ruin and destruction- by their own hands and the actions of their children

  3. We are going In the wrong direction as a country when it comes to race issues. Not a good thing at all!!

  4. Your local “education” system is a disgrace to the nation and the world. May you all suffer eternity in Hell.

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